KUDO Launches First Integrated AI Speech Translator


Inclusivity in meetings and events just became easier. KUDO, a leader in providing real-time multilingual solutions on any platform, recently held a launch event for its new artificial intelligence translation tool, KUDO AI. With 12,000 language interpreters, KUDO is a real-time speech translator that can translate any online meeting, conference, event, video, and more in over 200 languages. While not a replacement for human interpreters, this new addition to KUDO’s platform is the world’s first fully integrated AI speech translator.

KUDO AI’s speedometer technology analyzes speech structure in real-time, breaking down the speaking pace and adjusting language variants so that speech fluency will be more controlled and customizable to the user. In its initial pilot version, KUDO AI will only be available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, but new languages will be added bi-weekly.

Eventually, KUDO AI will be integrated into KUDO’s partner platforms, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. KUDO AI will be best used for online training, webinars, and offline videos, while KUDO’s human interpretation is best suited for board meetings, interviews, and conferences.

KUDO and KUDO AI will provide easier access to language inclusivity so everyone can understand and be understood in their own language. KUDO AI will reportedly be commercially available in March.


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