KLEERTECH® Launches Virtual Event App

June 2, 2020

Though large in-person events, such as tradeshows, that utilize registration badges are currently on hold, KLEERTECH® has created the virtual event app Genesys. Genesys allows planers to make use of speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for their virtual events.

Below is an overview of the app’s features:

Attendee Registration
This is comprised of a streamlined signup process where personal information and demographics are collected, selections/products are purchased, and payments are processed.

Would-be sponsors and exhibitors may register by selecting a sponsorship level, as well as any add-ons that the show is offering.

Speaker Management
Speakers are managed through the administrator portal where video content may be uploaded with captions and biographies, along with other information including downloads.

Attendee Portal
Post-registration, attendees may log in to view their information, purchase additional items, view exhibitor/sponsor information, and watch available video courses.

Staff Management
An exhibiting company manages and registers its staff through its portal that is independent of the attendee registration section.

Show Administration
The show manager has access to the system backend where attendees are added/modified/imported and emailed, exhibitors are managed, reports are viewed, certificates are created, products/admission types are added, emails are modified, and users are added.

To learn more information, contact Mike Bishop at [email protected] and/or Jeremy Adell at [email protected].


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