KLEERTECH® Has Two New Products to Decrease Mask Discomfort


To minimize mask discomfort, KLEERTECH® created two new mask accessories that can be purchased online.  Users can enter the code MaskMania at the checkout to receive 10% the entire month of September!  Below are the clever hacks KLEERTECH® devised.

1. Lanyard-style Mask Holders

These lightweight corded lanyards attach easily to the mask ear straps, and the length of the lanyard is adjusted with a simple loop tied in a knot. Once attached, the lanyard fits easily over the head to keep your mask ready when you need it.  It is quick and easy to change out a used mask with a clean mask using this lanyard.

2. Ear Savers

For anyone who needs to wear a mask for a few hours or all day, ear savers can make it a much more comfortable experience. Ears savers are made in the USA and, printed with the design of your choice in full digital color. The Ear Saver wraps around the back of the neck, attached to the face mask ear straps by the notches at either end. The mask is held firmly on the face without putting pressure on the back of the ears.

To browse the full KLEERTECH® PPE collection, click here.



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