Kentucky Becomes Latest State to Explicitly Permit Sale of Ingestible CBD


While Kentucky has long served as Ground Zero for the rebirth of legal hemp, a few months ago, several small businesses received word from their local health departments that it was illegal for them to sell CBD-infused products in their restaurants.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a national organization founded in the Bluegrass State, jumped into action and held numerous meetings with state agencies and Governor Andy Beshear’s office – most notably, Senior Advisor Rocky Adkins, who as a state legislator, helped lead state efforts to legalize hemp in 2013.

From those discussions, The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is excited to report that Kentucky has become the latest state to explicitly protect the retail (and restaurant) sale of hemp-derived CBD products as dietary supplement and food and beverage additives.

The new regulation, available here, still has a few kinks in it.  Please read the Roundtable’s comments here for their suggested improvements.  And if you are a Kentucky citizen, they encourage you to review the draft regulations and submit your own comments by December 31 to

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