Kansas Bill Proposes Tax Relief to Businesses Affected by Government During Pandemic

March 2, 2021

According to the Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAk) Kansas attorneys Ryan Kriegshauser and Josh Ney proposed a bill to the Senate Tax Committee on February 23rd that would provide income and property tax relief to businesses shut down or restricted by the government during the pandemic. According to Ney, “the intent is to quickly and efficiently resolve potential Kansas Emergency Management Act claims, using a combination of federal COVID funds and state income and property tax credits.”

The bill is supported by the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association, Kansas Chamber, and House and Senate leadership. A bill number, hearing date and fiscal note are expected soon.

Earlier in February, a similar bill was heard in the House Taxation Committee. House Bill 2142 is narrower in scope and proposed to provide reimbursement of property taxes from local governments for business shutdowns or capacity limitations caused by the county.

To access TIAK’s bill tracker, click here.


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