Two Reported Crimes Involving the Short Term Rental Company Beg The Question, How Safe Can Airbnb Be?

Airbnb Watch, a collective that works towards regulating Airbnb and other short-term rental programs, recently released a report based on incidents that occurred:

In case you missed it, ABC News recently reported on two very unsettling stories out of Nashville and Tampa Bay that once again involved Airbnb horror stories.

In Tampa Bay, Wayne Natt, best known as the Airbnb host who made national headlines this past year for rigging hidden cameras in his condo and recording unsuspecting families and children without their knowledge, has been sentenced to 364 days in prison.

In Nashville, the criminal theme continued when four Airbnb guests were charged with aggravated burglary, after they were caught on camera breaking into the neighbor’s home and stealing a $50 bottle of Scotch whiskey.

Local police say this isn’t an isolated incident in fact, since September 2017, the Nashville Department of Codes has received 1,581 calls on its short-term rental properties-complaint hotline.

In addition, in the past 30 days, they’ve received over 130 calls, according to Sean Braisted, public information officer for the Metro Codes Department.

“How many more horror stories like these have to happen until Airbnb takes accountability and thoroughly vets their guests and hosts. It’s time for cities and states across the country to pass strong short-term rental regulations,” says AirBnb Watch via a spokesperson.

With stories like this coming out, it begs the question: is Airbnb really safe? Without the same enforced regulations as hotels, one cannot be certain.

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