Innovative Facilities Solutions Brings Ameren Missouri’s New Electric Vehicle (EV) Program to Hotels


Hampton Inn of St. Charles is one of the first locations implementing Ameren Missouri’s new Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive program. With Innovative Facilities Solutions as an electric vehicle installation partner, the program sets up charging stations for travelers to charge their electric vehicles during their stay at the hotel. The goal of the program is to incorporate charging stations at the workplace, public/retail locations, and apartment buildings, so users can more conveniently charge their vehicles.

There are two different levels of charging types at the stations: Level 2 Chargers, which charge 25 miles of range per hour, or DC Fast Charger (DCFC), which charges 80% of battery capacity in 30-45 minutes. The main incentive for businesses and other locations to install charging stations is to increase and retain customers and to promote themselves as leaders in sustainability and innovation.


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