New York Company Crafts Drinkware You Can Eat

If you’re looking for innovative and eco-friendly ways to surprise event guests at your next gathering, add some Loliware cold beverage cups to the table. New York based Loliware makes cups that are both edible and biodegradable, which makes them fun as well as functional.

The cups are made from a non-GMO, gelatin-free, gluten-free, organic, edible material that your guests will enjoy sampling. They come in a range of colors matched with the following flavors: Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Madagascar Vanilla, and Matcha Green Tea. There’s also a clear unflavored option. the cups are an exciting and unexpected way to present cold beverages and desserts to your event guests.

Founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker launched the company in March 2015, and already are providing their edible wares to hotels, markets and other businesses. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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