In Memoriam: Dana Jones


On August 29, 2023, Dana Jones, an accomplished chef, restauranter, operations director, and managing trustee, passed away. Jones was a remarkable individual whose extensive experience, dedication, and commitment to excellence left an undeniable mark within the hospitality industry.

Jones’ career spanned over three decades, during which he consistently achieved remarkable success in his various roles in the hospitality and tourism industry. His diverse background included operating resorts, cruise ships, hotels, large food and beverage establishments, and orchestrating special events in both private and franchised settings. Jones exhibited a strong work ethic and brought creativity and positivity to all of his endeavors. He was most recently serving as ShoreX Product – Land Operations for Viking Cruise Lines and had also previously been an Executive Chef at The Barn restaurant.

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Earlier in his career, Jones had served as the General Manager of Tippin’s Restaurants, and the Food and Beverage Director of Sheraton Hotels, where he demonstrated his ability to manage operations with efficiency and innovation. He made significant contributions as the Director of Hotel Operations for American Classic Voyages, where he oversaw all aspects of the American Queen, the world’s largest inland steamboat. His leadership in the cruise industry showcased his dedication to delivering unparalleled guest experiences.

From 1998-2012, he was the President and Owner of DanaBruce Tours & DMC, Inc. Jones, alongside with his life partner of 15 years, Bruce Summers, built a thriving boutique destination and event management company that achieved remarkable financial growth and maintained an excellent staff retention rate. Jones and Summers developed and implemented shore excursion programs, hospitality consulting, and managed numerous high-profile events and organizations.

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While Jones’ career accomplishments are impressive, his impact extended beyond his professional life. He served as a Managing Trustee of the Library of Americana Private Trust of the Sappington House Foundation in Crestwood, MO. This uncompensated position showcased his commitment to community and preservation, where he supervised significant improvements to the Thomas Sappington House Museum and ensured compliance with various regulations and codes. His work with the Sappington House Foundation continued his mother Ruth Jones’ legacy, who was one of the founding members of the Thomas Sappington House Museum.

Jones also volunteered with Wreaths Across America at Jefferson Barracks cemetery. When he wasn’t working, he was found either in his garden or spending time with his family and friends.

In loving memory of Dana Jones. We celebrate an incredible individual whose legacy lives on in the countless lives he touched.


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