Hotel Pipeline Activity Down Across the Global Regions


Each of the four world regions showed a year-over-year decline in hotel pipeline activity at the end of the second quarter, according to June 2022 data from STR.

June 2022 (% changes in comparison with June 2021)


  • In Construction: 207,315 rooms (-12.6%)
  • Final Planning: 150,164 rooms (-15.2%)
  • Planning: 163,380 rooms (+10.6%)
  • Total Under Contract: 520,859 (-7.4%)

Germany (40,729) and the U.K. (28,612) lead Europe in total rooms in construction.

Asia Pacific

  • In Construction: 486,412 rooms (+2.1%)
  • Final Planning: 128,808 rooms (-29.0%)
  • Planning: 302,499 rooms (+11.5%)
  • Total Under Contract: 917,719 rooms (-1.2%)

Among countries in the region, China has the most rooms in construction (308,062), followed by Vietnam (31,161).

Middle East & Africa

  • In Construction: 127,397 rooms (-6.2%)
  • Final Planning: 37,143 rooms (-18.0%)
  • Planning: 73,096 rooms (+26.1%)
  • Total Under Contract: 237,636 (-0.6%)

Saudi Arabia (37,654) and United Arab Emirates (31,671) lead in construction activity.


  • In Construction: 202,250 rooms (-16.9%)
  • Final Planning: 208,583 rooms (-14.4%)
  • Planning: 328,944 rooms (+10.4%)
  • Total Under Contract: 739,777 (-5.8%)

The U.S. holds the majority of rooms in construction in the region. After the U.S., Mexico (14,909) and Canada (7,232) have the highest number of rooms in construction in the region.

About STR
STR provides premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for the global hospitality industry. Founded in 1985, STR maintains a presence in 15 countries with a North American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, an international headquarters in London, and an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. STR was acquired in October 2019 by CoStar Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP), the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces. For more information, please visit and


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