Holiday Weekend Travel Jams Expected


Highways and airports will be packed over Memorial Day weekend as Americans kick off their summer travels. AAA predicts the busiest start-of-summer weekend in nearly 20 years, with 43.8 million people traveling at least 50 miles from home until Monday. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) expects up to nearly 3 million passengers at airport checkpoints on this Friday alone.

Despite economic worries, Americans are eager to travel, aided by a slowdown in price increases. Airfares are down 6%, hotel rates are slightly lower, and car rental costs have dropped 10%, though gas prices are up slightly from last year.

Travelers are adapting to the changes in travel and prices by booking in advance, staying closer to home, and choosing cheaper accommodations. Many also combine work and leisure trips to save costs, also known as “bleisure” trips.

Similarly to past years, most holiday travelers will drive, with over 38 million expected on the roads. To avoid traffic, AAA suggests leaving early in the morning and avoiding peak traffic times on Sunday and Monday. Airports are also seeing no slowdown, with the TSA predicting a record number of passengers this summer.

Weather could still disrupt plans, as seen with recent widespread cancellations at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport due to heavy storms.

Happy holiday weekend and safe travels!

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