Hoffmanns to Begin Helicopter Tours from Regional Airport


The Hoffmanns have purchased 10 acres of land, including a hangar at the Washington Missouri Regional Airport, where they will store a newly acquired helicopter and begin operations of helicopter tours down the Missouri River.

Operating from the Washington Regional Airport located in Dutzow, Missouri, the helicopter tours intend to fly along the Missouri River, offering breathtaking views of historic Washington, Missouri, Hoffmann-owned vineyards, and then to Hermann, Missouri, and back. An exact route is yet to be determined and will include a narrated tour along with the flight.

The newest addition of the helicopter tours continues the Hoffmann’s $150-million investments into Augusta and the surrounding area, which now includes four wineries, six vineyards, bike rentals, restaurants, overnight guest accommodations, a sign company, a luxury yacht, a 12-hole championship golf course, a 5-star hotel, and more.


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