Historic Saint Louis presents “Landscapes of Summertime Past”


Twenty historic sites, museums and privately-owned homes are joining together to present a glorious summer garden and house tour. For this one-day open house, each venue will be painting a picture of summertime past through their unique landscapes. Whether it is a single potted plant, a flower garden or herb garden or even a farm, visitors will experience a day reflecting on Saint Louis’ colorful botany and history.


Create your own tour utilizing the Historic Saint Louis website as your guide. And then as you visit multiple historic sites, observe how the outdoors complement the interior spaces. How does each historic site relate to its environs? See how our ancestors connected with the land, in both ornamental and practical ways. Be inspired, taking home your own landscape painting in your mind’s eye.

To learn more about the fees and activities at each venue, please visit the website www.historicsaintlouis.org.

Be on the lookout for our 2023-24 Historic Saint Louis brochure which will offer a wealth of information for both tourists and St. Louis history lovers alike.


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