High Speed Rail’s Transformative Impact

High-speed rail will transform the Midwest by transforming the way we travel. Dramatic reductions in travel time, combined with increased flexibility and lower user cost, will mean that people travel more often. This increase in productivity and innovation, together with stronger family connections, will create a more vibrant and attractive region.

Recent studies have found that a four-spoke, 220-mph Midwest high-speed rail network would have a staggering economic impact on the region. By 2030 the benefits of such a network would include an annual reduction in 4.3 billion highway miles, 3 billion air travel miles, 26 million hours of time spent in roadway congestion, 127 million gallons of gasoline and 1.4 million tons of pollutant emissions.

Established in 1993, the Midwest High Speed Rail Association is one of the oldest rail advocacy organizations in the nation. We are educating local leaders regarding how the Phased Network Approach could be implemented throughout the Midwest, building a broad and powerful constituency for high-speed rail funding.
For more information visit www.midwesthsr.org

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