A Recap of GBTA St. Louis’ Winery and Bingo Social

By Mattie Yallaly, GBTA St. Louis Vice President 

On May 20th, the GBTA ST. Louis members gathered for its first 2021 face-to-face event at Cedar Lake Cellars in Wright City. This beautiful property provided a wonderful experience for our membership and guests so they could have an opportunity to network and catch up in a COVID responsible atmosphere.  The event was an excellent success, and we look forward to more! A special thank you to United Airlines and Arch, Inc for their sponsorship and support. 

As more and more people are vaccinated and make plans to interact, the GBTA St. Louis chapter continues to plan events to make it happen. Keep checking our website, www.stlbta.org, for ongoing developments so that you do not miss out on the fun.

Please contact [email protected] for information to join. The membership director, Shannon Vines, will be happy to provide any assistance.


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