GBTA St. Louis’ First Face-to-Face Event is Just Two Weeks Away


By Mattie Yallaly, GBTA St. Louis Vice President

May sunshine in Missouri yields sweet floral scents, rain scrubbed vistas, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy outside venues. On May 20th, the GBTA St. Louis chapter will be hosting our first in-person COVID responsible event at the Cedar Lake Cellars winery in Wright City. Association members are complimentary and guests just $20.00. This event offers an excellent chance to catch up with peers, professionals, and friends in a wonderful setting. Cedar Lake Cellars offers both Missouri and California wines as well as international selections. This diversity coupled with fresh breezes off their three-acre lake equals a mental spa visit.

According to mental health professionals, there are seven components to a person’s wellbeing: Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Vocational, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual. Connect with others and balance a bit of stress with a bit of wellbeing and register at

Membership with GBTA St. Louis Chapter provides more than outstanding events surrounded by intelligent capable people; it also provides opportunities to be a part of the action. As a part of vocational wellbeing, sharing your skills and talents not only makes a positive impact on everyone around you; professionals believe there is a direct correlation to positive physical health as well. Expand personal connections by cultivating relationships that bolster self-esteem and gratitude. As the world recuperates from the COVID-19 pandemic, the event committees will be kicking into high gear creating meetings with pertinent content, entertaining events and, of course, prizes! Join at or contact Shannon Vines, Membership Director, at


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