GBTA’s Polls Reveal Continued Cancellation of Larger Events


According to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)’s September poll, the return of especially large group events has lagged other areas of business travel recovery in the past two to three months.  COVID transmission, vaccination rates, return to offices, and company travel policies are just a few of the hurdles.

Although recent polling consistently shows employees are willing to travel, in the GBTA September poll, companies reported they cancelled or suspended business travel due to the pandemic for large in-person conferences of 500 or more attendees (81%), medium-sized events of 50 or more people (74%), and even internal collaboration meetings (69%).

But there are signs of recovery, too. In October, 77% of poll respondents indicated an overall reduction in COVID transmission rates at places where they would hold or attend meetings would increase volume of business travel. And 69% said they support full vaccination to attend a conference, larger meetings and events.

Office re-openings are a significant factor when it comes to the return of smaller and team meetings . In GBAT’s most recent poll, a third of respondents said their offices had not largely reopened, and some reported permanent closures.

To view the GBTA October poll, click here.


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