Fogarty Services Partners with POWERplex to Run Outdoor Events

To begin reintroducing outdoor events that comply with physical distancing guidelines, Fogarty Services has collaborated with POWERplex to provide staging, staff, and management for all the “Drive-In St. Louis” events.

“Drive-In St. Louis” has made it possible for large outdoor movies, concerts, and graduations to take place post-COVID-19.  As the name suggests, attendees sit in/around their cars, rather than being clustered in large groups.  Where attendees have permission to sit depends on the policies implemented for each special event, as each one has adapted their own set of regulations.

For drive-in movie nights/concerts, attendees can bring as many people that fit in their car and enjoy this event from outside of their vehicle.  There is an option to arrange their lawn chairs outside their car in the parking lot or in the fenced greenery designated for individual groups.

Drive-in graduations have a much different structure.  While graduates, seated in pods of 40, will walk across the main stage to receive their diplomas, families will be required to watch the graduation from their vehicles.  There will be two large screens from which these drive-in graduations can be viewed and a special FM station to receive car audio.

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