Financial and Insurance Conference Planners (FICP)

April 13, 2011


No one will dispute that vendors play an important role in event associations. However, when you attend an event ready to network and learn with other meeting planners, it can be frustrating to spend the entire experience with those trying to sell you something. This is why the Financial and Insurance Conference Planners  (FICP) Association prides itself on the balanced networking environment at its events for meeting planners and hospitality partners. It is this balance that allows members to truly learn from each other and grow professionally.
“The financial and insurance industry counts on its conference planning departments to bring people together for a number of reasons. What we do for our companies helps foster commitment between a sales force and home office, and more than anything else, we help to sustain and enhance our company cultures,” commented Kolleen Roach, director of
meetings and conference management for Securian Financial Group and an eight-year member of FICP. “Who better to learn from than your peers within the industry? FICP is the one association that brings us together to make us better at what we do!”

FICP brings members together through its regional meetings, Education Forum, Annual Conference, interactive Webinars and a dynamic online community with member access to forums, newsletters, an Online Exchange and industry studies. The association has approximately 500 meeting planner members and 700 hospitality partner/vendor members. Membership is restricted to those who plan for financial and insurance institutions. Employees and owners of meeting planning companies are not eligible. Individual meeting planners serving as consultants or contractors for financial or insurance companies are considered for membership on a case-by-case basis.

According to Roach, if she could belong to only one association, it would be FICP. “FICP membership allows access to some of the best, most experienced meeting planners, and provides us many avenues to share best practices, compare contract and legal knowledge, discuss new and trendy destinations and much more.”

Missouri is part of the midwest region of FICP. For more information on becoming a member, contact Mark Swets, FICP Membership Director, at (312) 245-1023 or visit

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