Event Podcasting: A Unique Marketing Tool to Promote Your Event


Leverage your next event with some shareable marketing material that can take your promotions to new heights. There is a variety of options to use when creating better event marketing content, but one, in particular, stands out from the rest- event podcasting.

In the last few years, the world of podcasting has boomed, where there are now podcasts covering all types of genres and topics. Podcasting is still growing and evolving, with new podcasts conceptualized all the time, but one niche that has not been explored as much is podcasting for an event. Utilizing podcasts as an additional marketing tool is a way to bring more promotion to your event while your event is taking place. One of the best times to gather event marketing is at your event because your content providers and event attendees are all in one setting.

Podcasting during your event helps capture the entire essence of your event in real-time. You can conduct interviews with attendees and exhibitors and record testimonials. You can also interview the keynote speakers and sponsors of the event. Podcasting does not only include audio recordings, but it can also involve video content. Live streaming has become a popular tool in the past few years, which can help monetize your event and expand your audience. One of the benefits of podcasts is that they can easily be shared across multiple media platforms, like tv, radio, and social media. Podcasts bring another unique value to your event marketing; they can also be used as branded content for exhibitors and sponsors. You can add another revenue source to your sponsor/exhibitor packages by including podcast content.

Step outside the traditional marketing box and promote your event with a podcast. As an easily accessible tool, podcasting your next event will make you stand out and make your marketing campaigns memorable.

EG Media Group can help you get the most out of your next event through creating, connecting, and converting media content to fit your marketing campaigns.

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