Event Essentials: 6 Resources For Successful Meeting Planning


Experienced meeting and event planners are well-versed in navigating the entire planning process from selecting a venue and catering menu to wrapping up after the event, relying on trusted resources every step of the way. For newcomers and seasoned professionals alike, the following guide offers a concise overview of essential planning resources to consider for a successful meeting.

Destination Experts

These professionals, often found within Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) also known as Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), offer invaluable assistance in venue selection, local attractions, and logistical planning. They can suggest accommodations, transportation options, dining, and off-site activities tailored to the event’s needs.

Meeting Venue Partners

Hotels and venues with dedicated meeting spaces typically provide on-site experts to support planners. From managing room blocks to coordinating amenities and catering, these partners, such as a hotel’s meeting services manager or a conference or convention services manager,  ensure seamless execution. Similarly, a hotel or venue’s banquet manager assist with menu planning, dietary requirements, and event setup, while security managers address safety concerns, emergency protocols, and advise planners on attendee safety.

Tech Support

Both in-house teams and external vendors offer comprehensive technological solutions, including audiovisual equipment, live-streaming services, and virtual meeting platforms. These experts troubleshoot issues and ensure smooth operation of all tech-related aspects, from sound systems to internet connectivity. Some tech support suppliers are Cvent, EG Media Group, Maritz Global Events, and more.

Experts on Call

Keynote speakers and motivational presenters play a crucial role in many events. Venue-specific resources or external speakers bureaus connect planners with renowned speakers across various fields, providing options for engaging and inspiring attendees.

Team-Building Resources

To foster collaboration and creativity among participants, a range of team-building activities are available, from virtual escape rooms to scavenger hunts. Suppliers offer tailored experiences to suit the objectives and culture of each event, promoting teamwork and camaraderie.

Sponsorship Assistance

Meeting organizers seeking financial support can explore sponsorship opportunities with relevant companies. Platforms like HelloSponsor and SponsorMyEvent facilitate connections between organizers and potential sponsors, while services like Sponseasy aid in creating professional sponsorship proposals and managing campaigns to attract interest.

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