Elevate Your Holidays with Chef Kimber Dean: Healthier Treats and Detox Delights


Healthy Holiday Treats, nourished. Cooking Show

Unveil the magic of wholesome indulgence this holiday season with Chef Kimber’s Nourished. cooking show episode! Elevate your gatherings by creating three delightful holiday treats: Peppermint Truffles, Chocolate Chai Oat Bars, and Pecan Pie Bites. These nutrient-dense, vegan delights are crafted without gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, and refined sugars, ensuring both health and flavor for your festive celebrations. Dive into guilt-free indulgence and make this holiday season the tastiest and most inclusive one yet! Check out the recipes on Chef Kimber’s website and spread the joy of healthy treats at your gatherings.

To watch the Holiday Treats Cooking Show Episode, click here!

Drink Healthy, Drink Happy

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Happy Food Catering, Holiday Menu

Last Call for Holiday Catering Magic!

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Chef Kimber Dean is the founder of Happiness Drinks, and the author of Happy Food and Happy Baking and Desserts. She is trained in both culinary arts and personal nutrition.

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