ECC Nepal Implements Distanced Learning Plan for Rural Nepalese Students

July 1, 2020

With schools closed for at least 2 more months in rural Nepal, the St. Louis-based Education Concern Center (ECC) Nepal team has been working to implement distance learning for their students.   They have teamed up with the local government, national government, and other nonprofits to make this happen.  This month, they have:

  • Distributed textbooks at four of their schools
  • Opened one school for students to come alternate days to get assignments and turn in their finished work
  • Hired a facilitator to teach at our orphanage school since the students cannot leave to go to school
  • Developed 100+ worksheets for students to do at home

This is just the start for them! Next month, ECC Nepal will get ever more distance learning underway.  They will:

  • Distribute textbooks at all of our schools
  • Start “lockdown library” and pay librarian to distribute storybooks to students at home
  • Distribute worksheets to all students grades 1-5 to complete at home
  • Collaborate on an educational radio broadcast for grades 6-10 in one of our project sites

To learn more about sponsoring a student, click here.


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