DMI Hotels Recently Added Four New Hotels for Property Portfolio

DMI Hotels, an online resource for discovering Hotels, DMCs, and CVBs across popular destinations with meeting space, added four new hotels to its curated collection of properties. Spanning across three regions, these hotels offer significant quantities of meeting and event space that companies can utilize for their upcoming functions.

The Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center in Breckenridge, CO is a western property DMI recently added to its portfolio.  It contains 515 Guestrooms and Suites, with 40,000 total square-feet of meeting space.  Its largest meeting room is 7,200 square-feet.

There are also an additional two hotels featured in DMI’s platform based in Texas.  The Lone Star Court in Austin, TX contains 123 Guestrooms and Suites, with 1,722 total square-feet of meeting space.  The largest Lone Star meeting room is 1,492 square-feet.  The Texican Court in Irving, TX has 152 Guestrooms and Suites, with 3,228 total square-feet of meeting space.  The largest meeting room in the Texican Court is 2,668 square-feet.

Chicago, IL also gained a listing in DMI’s portfolio.  The Warwick Allerton contains 443 Guestrooms and Suites, with 12,000 total square-feet of meeting space.  The largest ballroom in this property is 3,424 square-feet.

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