Discover the Selfie Express: An Exciting New Activity at Union Station for Meeting Planners


As meeting planners explore the vibrant offerings of St. Louis Union Station, they now have a captivating new activity to offer their attendees: the Selfie Express. This interactive train-themed selfie experience is designed to bring joy and excitement to visitors of all ages. With its collection of photo illusions, this walk-through attraction is sure to leave lasting memories and create delightful moments for everyone.

Experience the Selfie Express at Union Station

Situated within the St. Louis Union Station, the Selfie Express takes guests on an immersive journey filled with captivating train-themed sets and illusions. Located on the first floor near the entrance of the St. Louis Aquarium, this indoor attraction pays homage to the historic 1894 terminal at Union Station—the grand hub of 22 railroads and 32 tracks that once graced the nation. It’s a must-visit destination for meeting planners looking to add an element of entertainment and excitement to their event.

Step into a World of Illusions

Upon entering the Selfie Express, guests are greeted by an old-fashioned train ticket lobby that serves as the gateway to an enchanting adventure. The attraction comprises a series of 11 rooms, each meticulously designed to create stunning illusions for selfies and cell phone/camera pictures.

From mirrored infinity views with flashing rail crossing lights to a train caboose that transforms visitors into both giant and small figures, every room offers a unique and captivating experience. Guests can transport themselves from the present to a bygone era with a scene that converts real-life color to black and white, or they can enjoy the whimsical sight of dining car guests seemingly hanging upside down from their seats.

Step into a World of Illusions

The Selfie Express offers an array of visually stunning scenes that transport visitors to different times and places. They can experience the thrill of running from an oncoming train engine across a rickety trompe l’oeil painted bridge. The attraction also boasts oversized passenger luggage, intriguing optical clocks, and even a glimpse of the iconic Gateway Arch. Guests can leave their shadows on the wall in one room and create adorable rainbow-colored shadow figures in another. For railroad enthusiasts, a room filled with meticulously crafted model train engines and cars awaits.

Practical Information and Full-Day Fun

To embark on the Selfie Express adventure, visitors can purchase admission tickets for $10. For added convenience and savings, combination tickets are available, offering access to other exciting attractions at Union Station, including the Aquarium, St. Louis Wheel, Carousel, Mirror Maze, Mini Golf, and the St. Louis Ropes Course. With so much to explore, meeting planners can easily create a full day of immersive and engaging experiences for their attendees.

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