Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity: The Latest Platforms and Resources


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Mobile LED Billboards

Engaging signage plays an important role in prompting attendees at an event or any target audience to follow a campaign’s call to action.  Billboards are just one promotion technique marketers have used to place specific messaging in front of its intended market segment, and the digital capabilities through this advertising medium have enabled them to run more effective and creative campaigns in a variety of settings.

Whether stationary or on the go, mobile LED billboard trucks provide an interactive way to display marketing campaigns for event, brand, or product/service awareness.  Can’t Miss Us, a mobile billboard advertising company in Missouri, displayed these media campaigns at conferences such as The State of Black Educators Conference, Expository Preaching Conference – The Expositor’s Passion, and the Annual Railroad Liability Conference.

There are different ways planners can utilize mobile LED billboard trucks for revenue generation and/or event promotion.  As events recommence in 2021 – indoors or outdoors – planners may consider offering mobile LED billboard trucks as sponsorship opportunities.  If the event is indoors, the truck could be displayed near registration to be visible to attendees; outdoors, multiple trucks could be sprinkled throughout a designated event area.  Planners may also choose to use these interactive media vehicles for drives around town to spread the word about their event.

Alternative Online Platforms

Building an online presence has become an increasingly emphasized tactic for promoting upcoming functions or creating brand awareness.  There are new social media platforms that are being more widely used and even more pivotal developments that are underway, as an additional consideration for event planners and marketers going forward.


Though Parler is temporarily in limbo, this platform became one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world.  Companies may consider looking into Parler as a marketing alternative once this platform is up and running again.  When more users are able to join Parler again, it may be important to assess whether your target audience is actively engaging with this newer platform.


A newer video platform alternative, Rumble has started picking up traction among its larger counterparts.  Rumble is increasingly being used by content creators that have pointed their audience to this platform, which is, in turn, increasing the user presence engaging with this social network.  Businesses may also decide to assess whether their intended demographic is utilizing this platform as well to effectively stay in front of them.

World Wide Web 2.0

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist behind the World Wide Web invention, has unveiled his plan to launch a World Wide Web do-over.  Through his new start-up company Inrupt, Berners-Lee is developing a new web where users can take control of their data and several organizations have already invested in this project.  More information on this innovation will be forthcoming.

Front Cover“Too Late, You’re Hacked!” Cybersecurity Book

Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks is written for companies with a limited understanding of IT (Information Technology) that encounter cybersecurity challenges.  Published by MM&E’s parent company Publishing Concepts, LLC, this book introduces critical IT terms and concepts in today’s complex digital age, and it is intended for owners or professionals handling their business’ IT department with narrow expertise.

Businesses, as a whole, rely on computers to perform critical functions, and criminal hackers use this technological dependency against vulnerable businesses.  Businesses may permanently close within six months by failing to understand and implement proper cybersecurity defenses.

To follow the release of this book, visit for updates.


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