Cottleville City Fields: Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks a New Chapter in Community Sports and Development


On December 12, 2023, Cottleville witnessed a momentous event with the groundbreaking ceremony of the Cottleville City Fields (CCF), the first and only privately-owned turf soccer complex in St. Louis. This pioneering project promises to revolutionize the local sports landscape, offering top-tier facilities for soccer enthusiasts of all ages.

Amy Kohl, co-owner of CCF and a lifelong resident of Cottleville, commenced the event, highlighting the significance of the complex in enhancing accessibility to quality training spaces for soccer-loving families. Joined by fellow owners Brad Davis and Andy Kohl, the team shared their vision for CCF and its impact on the community.

Why Cottleville City Fields? – Addressing the crowd, Andy Kohl elaborated on the twofold purpose of CCF: firstly, to foster youth development through sports, teaching them the values of teamwork, discipline, and goal-setting; and secondly, to strengthen community ties, as evidenced by the overwhelming support since the project’s announcement and the number of guests that attended the event.

State-of-the-Art Facilities for All Ages – CCF will undergo a complete renovation, featuring state-of-the-art artificial turf, energy-efficient lighting, expanded parking, and a picnic area with food truck hookups. Brad Davis, former MLS and US Men’s National Team player, emphasized the facility’s readiness to host practices, trainings, local league games, and small tournaments by Spring 2024.

A Hub for Spectators and Players – CCF is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors weekly, including 1,500 kids across 125+ youth teams from six partner clubs. The complex will become a bustling center for league games and social gatherings.

Community Revitalization and Economic Growth – Andy Kohl, reflecting on his upbringing in Cottleville, spoke passionately about the project’s potential to contribute to the revitalization of the town and boost local businesses. With an estimated 10,000 weekly visitors, the facility is poised to significantly contribute to the local economy.

Gratitude and Future Prospects – The ceremony concluded with heartfelt thanks to key contributors, including Wendy & the Chamber of Commerce, Byrne & Jones Sports Construction, friends, family and the Cottleville community for their unwavering support. Andy Kohl’s closing remarks emphasized the project’s role in building a vibrant, connected community.

Next Steps – Following the ceremony, guests participated in photo opportunities, celebrating the beginning of a new chapter for Cottleville and its residents.

For more information about Cottleville City Fields and updates on the project, please visit Cottleville City Fields Website.

Andy Kohl
Owner, Cottleville City Fields
Email: Phone: 636-578-5177

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