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Classy Country Club Conventions at Bogey Hills

by Astrid Zeppenfeld  

A view of sprawling greens outside and light, airy, and beautifully decorated meeting rooms inside… if this sounds like the venue you were looking for when planning your next business meeting or event, then look no further than Bogey Hills Country Club in Saint Charles, Missouri. Country clubs often get overlooked as venues for business functions that do not include a game of golf, because most country clubs only allow their own members to host events at their facilities. Often, non-members are unaware that country clubs can offer valuable event space that is available to the public, although there are far fewer of those in the United States than strictly private ones. Fortunately, for the Midwest region, we have one of those very rare institutions that allow non-members to utilize the private meeting space easily accessible, right off the highway, in Saint Charles, Missouri. This particular country club is a private establishment, which has been a family operation since its inception, and it is worth considering for your next business function, even if you don’t swing a golf club regularly.

Heather Schadt, Director of Membership at Bogey Hills Country Club, clarifies, “It was founded on Memorial Day, May 24, 1962, by Doc and Doris Walters. We are now third-generation-owned and operated. Currently, Angel Walters Likens, the granddaughter to Doc and Doris, is the owner and acts as President and General manager. Bogey Hills Country Club opened as a public course and became fully private on March 1, 1980.”

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Amber Schuler, Director of Corporate Meetings and Special Events at Bogey Hills Country Club, illustrates, “We are unique in the concept that, although we are a private country club, we are open to public events and have a wide range of clients. We work with homebuilders, contractors, and realtors who are part of the local St. Charles businesses, but also regionally with bigger companies, such as Veterans United, an organization that has locations all over the state but is headquartered in Saint Louis.”

Perfect Meeting Space for Every Season

For meeting and event space, Bogey Hills Country Club offers even more choices than one would surmise from just the outside of the main building. The largest event space inside is The Grand Ballroom with 4,800 square feet, with two smaller meeting rooms adjacent to it, which can either be used as potential staging areas depending on the kind of function you are considering, or as stand-alone meeting areas for groups of 30-50. Those two smaller rooms are great for breakout sessions as well, giving you a total of 6,960 square feet of private meeting space. Additionally, there is a 1,600-square-foot lobby where you can greet your guests and a gorgeous, 1,000-square-foot deck with its stunning view of a picturesque waterfall on the golf course available as meeting space.

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“During the holiday season, we do all kinds of company parties and events for groups ranging from 50-60 attendees to 300 or 400,” Schuler explains. “We seat 400; it’s always dependent on what kind of event you’re having. The great thing about our space and our staff is that we’re flexible. We can work with all kinds of different clientele groups, and we cater to every different corporation and their needs.” All throughout the year, the facility is home to small, weekly meetings for associations and local businesses alike. “Banks or insurance companies often hold their meetings here. And we have a variety of clientele that are both member-based and non-member-based,” Schuler elaborates.

As far as seating goes, again, nothing is set in stone at Bogey Hills Country Club. “It depends on how many things you want to bring in for your meeting,” explains Schuler. “If you have an eight-piece band versus a D.J., if you have a stage and a screen, if you have a dance floor, if you have a meeting space where you want crescent-style seating, etc. — that’s going to limit your space. Whereas, if you choose seminar seating, we can easily get 300-400 attendees comfortably seated for you.”


Members and Non-Members Agree – Bogey Hills is the Place to Be

The best part about working with Bogey Hills Country Club is the individualized attention you will receive for a business event your guests will remember fondly. You have a particular vision for your event? Maybe a specific theme in mind, but are not entirely sure how to pull it off? Tell the event team at Bogey Hills Country Club about it! Schuler had a corporate party in the last year that held a circus and is currently preparing for an Olympics party that has a French flair to it, to coincide with the Olympic Games held in Paris this summer. She elaborates, “We’re doing a Taste of France, complete with all the French foods one might expect to taste while vacationing in Paris.” Basically, you can rent the venue and then plan and execute your event all by yourself, or you can tell the event team at Bogey Hills Country Club the date of the event, how many people will attend, and what kind of theme you are considering, if you are. The team will take care of anything and everything you wish – including menu and decorations for your event. “With this kind of collaboration between the meeting and event planner and the corporate meetings and special events staff at Bogey Hills Country Club, any business function turns out to be as unique as the customer dreams it,” Schuler sums up.

Tara Utterback, Office Assistant at National Design/Build Services, couldn’t agree more. “For two consecutive years, we chose Bogey Hills as the venue for our company holiday party. The venue coordinator was incredibly helpful, taking care of every detail and providing valuable suggestions, making the planning process a breeze,” Utterback confides. She adds, “The evening itself was flawless, thanks to the attentive staff who ensured everything was perfect. The feedback I received was filled with compliments about how stunning everything was and how delectable the food turned out to be. At Bogey Hills, they understand that perfection lies in the details, and they make sure to take care of everything. We’re already excited for next year’s party!”

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Joyce and Dr. Michael Spezia, long-term members who have rented out the venue for multiple business functions, concur, “As members of Bogey Hills Country Club for the past 43 years, we have memories and pictures of our family, friends, and associates and can honestly tell you, it has always been a wonderful place to celebrate and entertain.

Absolutely perfect for business meetings, and yet a perfect place to have a home away from home for a family bonding experience. When our children were younger, the swim team (Sharks) were an event, then the youth golf team. Added features, golf, amazing course. We do miss the old Bogey and cried when it burned eight years ago. It was such a part of our family life. But the new building has added freshness and a modern feel, which makes us proud to show it off. Yet, it would not be exciting to go to Bogey without their wonderful chef that takes his job seriously, making every meal amazing with all the details.”



Astrid Zeppenfeld is MEET magazines’ Senior Editor from St. Louis.

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