People Update: Cori Day

The Board of Directors of Missouri Travel Alliance has unanimously selected Cori Day as the new Executive Director of Missouri Travel Alliance. Cori will be replacing retiring Executive Director Chuck Martin. Chuck will continue to serve the organization through the end of September, with Cori assuming the organization’s leadership position on October 1st.

Cori has been in the Missouri tourism industry for nearly 25 years. She started her career working in the hotel industry in Columbia, MO while she was attending the University of Missouri at Columbia. During that time, Cori was on the opening team for Columbia’s Stoney Creek Inn and Conference Center.

Cori then shifted her career path in 2006 from lodging to destination marketing, as she joined the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau sales team. Cori went on to serve as the Director of the City of Independence Tourism Department, as well as Vice President of Sales and Services for Visit KC.

In 2019, Cori moved to the attractions side of the tourism industry, as she accepted the position of Sales Director for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City, MO.

Throughout her career, Cori has been an active member of Missouri Travel Alliance, holding a number of positions including Chairwoman of the Capitol Days for Tourism committee, member of the Executive Committee, member of the Board of Directors, as well as President of the Board of Directors.

“After years of service to Missouri Travel Alliance, I am honored to assume the role of Executive Director,” said Cori. “I believe this organization has an exciting future ahead and can be a change-maker during this time of rebuilding our industry. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors and the members as a whole to continue championing tourism and growing it into the number one industry in Missouri.”


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