Clauses to Re-Examine in Your Meeting Contract


In event planning, careful consideration to contract details is crucial. Whether arranging seminar, summit, or any corporate gathering, it’s important to understand that a contract is negotiable. Using these 4 clauses will help you re-examine your next meeting contract.

Room-Release Cutoff

Negotiate for a shorter room-release cutoff date closer to the day of your event, aiming for around 14 days. This allows for greater flexibility in managing fluctuations in attendee registration closer to the event. Additionally, ensure that the group rate remains applicable even after this cutoff date, accommodating late registrants

Attrition Calculations

Avoid clauses requiring the group to affirmatively reduce the room block before a deadline for attrition allowances. Instead, aim to base attrition charges on the minimum room block regardless or any reductions made. This avoids penalizing the group for uncertainties in predicting room block needs

Credit Toward Room Block

Insist that all rooms, regardless of how they were booked or paid for, count toward the group’s room block. This ensures accuracy in attrition calculations and prevents disputes over room block allocations

Disputing Charges

Pay close attention to clauses concerning the dispute resolution process for charges incurred during the event. Avoid agreements that waive the right to dispute charges if not contested within a specific timeframe, typically a short window after receiving the itemized bill from the hotel

By focusing on these clauses during contract negotiations, planners can better align hotel agreements with the dynamics of attendee registration patterns and minimize financial risks associated with attrition charges.

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