CIMP Safely Holds Face-to-face Expo In Oklahoma

From February 10-11, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace (CIMP) facilitated Oklahoma’s second B2B Cannabis Industry Summit & Expo face-to-face at the Central Park Hall.  400+ attendees and 60 exhibitors gathered to network and learn about the business of cannabis through breakout sessions, all while taking safety precautions compliant with local advisory.

Jen Wynn, VP of Expositions, explained how CIMP received positive input from those who attended the Oklahoma show.  Wynn states, “We had a lot of really good feedback.  A few people that were there to talk to us afterward said they loved the sessions; they think they were very educational. They were also impressed with the knowledge and the new technology they learned from the presenters and exhibitors.”

Wynn’s advice to other planners of upcoming expos is, “Follow whatever safety procedures are in place for the area that you’re in.  And the big thing is just making sure people feel safe.  Taking extra precautions at this point is what made people comfortable I think.”

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