CC’s City Broiler: A Steakhouse Destiny

December 30, 2010

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By Jamie Vollmer

Sometimes in life we find our destiny is glaringly obvious. For Scott Cleeton, it came in the form of a steakhouse. Growing up, Cleeton spent his days helping his parents in restaurants and butcher shops, learning the intricacies of the business. Then in 1994 he fulfilled his calling by opening CC’s City Broiler, a classic steakhouse in Columbia, Missouri. Today, CC’s shines as one of the best restaurants in Columbia. In fact, many would consider it one of the top steakhouses in the state of Missouri. Reviews, repeat business and an overwhelming customer response prove that Cleeton is living his destiny to its fullest potential and making many steak lovers very happy in the process.

Quality Beef, Meets Superior Service
CC’s ships steaks in daily from Allen Brothers of Chicago, regarded by many as the premier supplier of beef in the United States. Each USDA prime cut offered at CC’s represents the top 1.5 percent of all beef produced in the world. When preparing these high quality steaks, CC’s kitchen brings out the flavor by cooking them over an 1800 degree live oak fire. “They seem to have a flavor of their own,” said Ted Quinn, medical sales specialist and host of two private events at CC’s. “I went with the steak and, as promised by my guests, it was extremely flavorful.” CC’s steaks are served by staff who take pride in their work. As Jane Chamberlain Hickey, event planner for CC’s, shares, “All of the employees at CC’s take pride in their work. We work together as a team always. We enjoy our jobs and it shows in our level of service.”

Guests Keep Coming Back
For those wanting to offer the delicious quality of CC’s to their event guests, there is CC’s private board room. “The board room is available for dinner events,” says Hickey. “This room comfortably seats 30 guests and is perfect for smaller, intimate, up-close-and-personal events.” CC’s board room hosts hundreds of events through the year, including many wedding rehearsal dinners, bridal shower luncheons, anniversary celebrations, birthday dinners, university and college sponsored events and corporate staff appreciation functions. The most common events held in the board room are pharmaceutical and medical dinners. Heather Rice, a pharmaceutical sales professional, finds that CC’s is a venue that draws attendance. She has hosted four educational dinner programs in CC’s private board room and has had a strong response from her guests. “They keep coming back! They love the food and the service. It is a venue that itself draws attendance,” she says. Many event hosts hope that the strong, positive response guests have to CC’s will produce comparable feelings for their own businesses. Dr. Rob Coyle and Dr. Greg Stine, co-owners of Columbia Dentistry for Children, chose to host two events at CC’s because of its reputation as the best in Columbia. “We want our practice to be known in a similar fashion. We hope that we and our staff provide the same kind of attention to detail, friendly atmosphere and overall top quality product found at CC’s,” said Coyle.

Making it Easy
CC’s makes using the board room for a private event as simple as possible. There is no fee for the room, and hosts will work with the restaurant’s event planner to work out all the details. “I love CC’s because they take good care of me and make the event seamless,” commented Rice. “I love working with Jane because I have no worries and I know it will be done well, professionally, and that my guests will have a good time.” Accessibility and flexibility are important to Hickey and CC’s. She realizes that not only is each event unique, but many have last-minute changes. She works hard to expect the unexpected and be ready for any changes so board room guests enjoy a smooth and relaxing event. Her goal is for hosts, planners and guests to have memorable service and fabulous dinners on every single visit. Dinine Casale, a meetings manager, plans health care meetings across the country. She has hosted three events at CC’s and Hickey’s attentiveness is one reason she keeps coming back. “Jane is very easy to get in touch with – e-mail, cell phone, she even gave me her home phone. Sometimes it takes days or weeks for a venue contact to get back to you, but Jane is very accessible and answers questions and fixes issues in a timely manner,” said Casale.

Boardroom Basics
The board room features the same classic elegance as the rest of CC’s. Tables are fitted with double white tablecloth service and the menu features many of the favorites found in the main dining room. Dinners in the board room start at $45 per person excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity. The menu includes the Shrimp Atascadero and Toasted Cannelloni Bites as an appetizer along with the House Chopped Salad and famous sourdough bread. Then each guest has the opportunity to choose from six entrees. These are served with a rocksalt baked potato and two family-style side dishes – creamed spinach with Maytag blue cheese, and white wine and garlic sautéed mushrooms. For dessert guests are treated to warm chocolate bundt cake with Godiva chocolate. All meals come with soft drinks, tea and coffee. Planners looking to book the board room should contact CC’s at least a month before their events. For events that have audiovisual needs, CC’s has a projection screen available for rent and can connect planners with local audio-visual companies to supply any additional needs. Planners also can bring in their own equipment. Steak lovers are forever thankful that Scott Cleeton answered his calling and opened CC’s City Broiler. Planners hosting events in Columbia are grateful for the full package Cleeton has put together for them at his steakhouse, from the attentive event planner to the high quality cuisine. Indeed, CC’s City Broiler proves that fulfilling one’s destiny can benefit us all – one delicious bite at a time.   MM&E

(Jamie Vollmer is a contributor from St. Louis, Mo.)

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CC’s City Broiler
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