Report Shows Cannabis Regulations for the Missouri Workplace


Cannabis regulations vastly differ from state to state.  According to the Wilson Elser Comparative Law Review on Cannabis in the Workplace, some states, such as Nevada, have a clear-cut policy, and other states, such as Alabama, have underdeveloped regulations.  Continue reading to learn about the cannabis laws for employment in Missouri.

Employee Drug Tests and Protections

Upon hiring an employee, employers can drug test a new hire if they choose, as nothing in Amendment 2 prohibits marijuana drug tests.  However, though medical cannabis and medicinal CBD are legal in Missouri, there are still no recognized protections for medical cannabis use by employees.

Public and Workplace Usage

Section 1.7(7) prohibits the public and workplace consumption of medical marijuana and CBD, but it does not outline whether this also applies to off duty use of either substance.

Workers’ Compensation

It is under question whether employers will need to reimburse employees for medical marijuana and CBD through workers’ compensation, as policy development is still underway.

Staying Up to Date

Cannabis regulations will continue to shift around the country, and Missouri, as it grows into a more popular method for treatment.  If you use medical cannabis products, continue to stay informed on the subject to ensure you are remaining professionally compliant.  To view the full report, click here.


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