BrewFirst: Brew Your Own Craft Beer Onsite in Just Two Weeks

BrewFirst is  the first commercial grade nano-brewery craft beer brewing system that enables restaurants, hotels, club houses, and catering halls to brew their own signature beer in-house to sell in as little as 14 days.

Founder, Darryl Cohen, created this smart brewing technology and introduced it initially to pubs and restaurants in England. The BrewFirst system is designed to make 31 gallons of craft beer in a variety of flavors including IPA’s, traditional ales, porters, stouts, pale ales, ambers, heavy bitters, golden ales, and nitro cold-brew coffee. This technology even allows for enhancement seasonal flavor profiles like pumpkin!

The entire system only requires a 3-phase power supply, a water supply, and drain in order to be installed. Not only will owners be able to serve the freshest beer, but there are also tons of self-distribution benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to re-invent and re-brand your establishment
  • Create beers that pair with food menu items
  • Produce signature flavor only your establishment provides
  • Make preservative-free beer
  • Save money by becoming your own craft brewer
  • Make innovative non-alcoholic beverages (i.e. coffee, carbonated spritzers)

For more information on BrewFirst head over to their website:

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