Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, Fifth Edition to Be Released in 60-90 Days


Confused about healthcare compliance?  It is all here, in this handy guide!

Pat Schaumann’s clear and comprehensive guide, Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, Fifth Edition, has greatly expanded international sections, as well as compliance requirements for specific states and localities. It’s been updated for 2022.

This book is a must for those who plan and arrange medical or healthcare meetings worldwide, and it is written for just about anyone responsible for, or significantly involved, in the healthcare meeting change effort.

Hotels, convention centers, audio-visual companies, trade show/exhibit companies, restaurants, and other providers of support products and services should also understand their clients’ expectations, as well as how they can provide data analytics that responds to government regulations.

Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, Fifth Edition lays out in a cogent and clear manner the who, what, where and how of healthcare meeting compliance. It includes tools, tables, and an expanded glossary of international terms.

It takes readers through the logic of what we should know, how to differentiate what and who are behind healthcare meeting change, and how to better quantify their role in the processes.

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