Save Money (and the Earth) with Bio-D® Badge Holders


Supply chain challenges are impacting prices and availability of the holder-less synthetic badges. As a result, prices for synthetic badges have more than tripled! Many event planners switched to synthetics in a laudable effort to be more sustainable. The truth is, these badges cost more, and are not considered eco-friendly. The KLEERTECH®’s BIO-D® line of biodegradable badge holders and paper inserts cost up to 40% less, are 100% sustainable.  Additionally, they are available for quick turnaround!

KLEERTECH® started working on developing biodegradable materials in 2005. Not only was reducing the waste associated with trade shows on their minds, but so was the environment. BIO-D® badge holders used with standard paper badges are the most economical and Earth friendly solution for a sustainable attendee check-in.

The company is also the proud owner of their very own patented Bio-D® process. This process is especially revolutionary because it allows our products to biodegrade anaerobically. This means that their product only starts to biodegrade in an environment with no oxygen, meaning you can store it for future use for as long as you like, but it will degrade if it ends up in a landfill.

To learn more about the Bio-D® process, click here.


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