An Overview of the GBTA St. Louis Chapter


By Mattie Yallaly, GBTA St. Louis Chapter Member

Founded in 1986, the GBTA-St. Louis chapter started as the St. Louis Business Travel Association to provide an important forum for the exchange of information, education, and ideas among its members that include buyers and suppliers. The emphasis on working together to better understand new and emerging travel management practices created a unique partnership within the industry.

The GBTA-STL is committed to enhancing the travel profession by sponsoring educational and informational programs for its members, and by providing top-rated speakers to address travel-related issues, concerns, and current “hot topic” items. It is an excellent venue for the sharing of travel-related information and professional expertise and is an organization focused on perfecting the science of business travel management.

Over the years activities have grown into events and meetings that are a key component to developing local and regional contacts. The GBTA Annual Convention provides the opportunity for global interaction and the St. Louis chapter provides scholarships to aid in attendance.

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, the GBTA-STL chapter has continued to grow and develop, meeting the challenges and adapting events to the current protocols. 2021 has fresh ideas on our traditional activities that provide a safe and comfortable environment combining both virtual and in-person options so that members can also continue to grow and develop. Realizing that possible future modifications to current plans may be required, contingency strategies are in place.

Stay in the know by visiting the website at Updates are ongoing as the excitement for 2021 builds.


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