AmpliVox Releases New Lectern Accessories for When Events Recommence


AmpliVox Sound Systems continues to bring lectern users new mobility, convenience, and presentation effectiveness with new accessories. One is the S1468 battery pack, compatible with the AmpliVox 150-watt Compact Amplifier. This makes AmpliVox lecterns capable of powering a built-in sound system even when there is no AC power available, including outdoors. A second new product group is charging docks and charging pads for electronic devices while using a lectern. A third is a new portable lectern light that can be plugged into a USB port.

S1468 Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • Features a 24V, 5.5 Amp Hour SLA battery with 8-hours of run time.
  • Works with AmpliVox 150-watt Compact Amplifier, making it capable of powering PA systems built into many AmpliVox lecterns.
  • Includes a 6-foot cable with DC barrel connector to connect to the PA amplifier, plus an AC recharging cord and mounting hardware.

S1453 Dual USB Charging Dock — allows charging two devices at once while using the lectern, via USB cords.

S1454 Qi Wireless Charging Pad – provides certified wireless charging through cases up to 3mm thick and fits a standard 3-inch diameter lectern cutout.

S1455 Pop-up Qi Wireless Charging USB Channel Dock — provides wireless charging, and also has a pop-up feature that also reveals three USB charging ports.

S1103 USB LED Light — a great convenience for lectern users in dimly lit rooms; it adds a bright LED lectern reading light, plugging into a USB port.

“Today’s lectern users need maximum convenience and ease of use, and that’s why AmpliVox continues to introduce an expanding range of accessories such as these,” said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

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