ABA’s Marketplace Participants Book $54 Million in Business

May 11, 2015

The American Bus Association’s 2015 Marketplace, held January 10-13 in St. Louis, Missouri, was a huge success. According to an annual post-event survey of delegates, the show’s more than 3,300 participants booked nearly $54 million in business at Marketplace or in the weeks immediately after attending. That total is up $6.67 million over Marketplace 2014, reflecting a 14 percent increase in business activity actually booked at or directly after the show as a result of connections and relationships made at the event.

The John Dunham and Associates survey reports that 85% of the companies at Marketplace either booked business in St. Louis or would likely book business as a direct result of attending. The John Dunham and Associates survey also points out that average booked business as a result of Marketplace is up $11,660 per company from 2014. This figure suggests that companies were more likely this year than in years past to actually conduct business on the Marketplace floor.

“This survey once again shows the real value of attending ABA’s Marketplace. It’s where real business is getting done—every minute the Marketplace Business Floor is open and throughout the event’s many opportunities for networking and building relationships,” said ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso, CTIS. “Once again, we thank our friends and colleagues for attending this great event in St. Louis, and we look forward to another business-building Marketplace in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2016.”

“ABA’s Marketplace delegates look forward to this event, visiting new cities and having new experiences. That’s what we’re all about,” said Karen Williams, President and CEO, Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Many people know about Louisville, but when they arrive next January, we will be ready, and we will roll out the red carpet for everyone associated with ABA, because we want them to have a great time and be ready to do a lot of business.”


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