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June 1, 2007

Joe Clote

As we loaded the last case from the registration table into the van, for its return trip to the Missouri Meetings & Events office, I could hear the silence creeping into downtown St. Louis. However, the 6th annual Missouri Meetings & Events St. Louis Regional Expo was hardly silent. With more than 200 planners from organizations such as A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc., Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Joyce Meyer Ministries, Mallinckrodt Inc., Missouri Pharmacy Association, State Farm Insurance Companies and the United States Postal Service, hundreds would say the event was magical.  In fact the theme this year was “Magical Meetings ~ Enchanted Events” and judging from the evaluations more than 65 percent returned, clearly 95 percent of the exhibitors and planners will return next year. For a full report on the 6th annual Missouri Meetings & Events St. Louis Regional Expo by Bill Beggs Jr., see page 28.

While there seems to be a little bit of politics (and less magic) in everything we do, Michael Humphrey, Contributing Editor from Kansas City, explores why government planners in the state capital are a sought-after commodity and highly prized by the rest of the state (page 34). Also, in the spring issue of MM&E, Michael Humphrey looked into how to hire “good” employees. In this issue he looks at how to retain them by many means, including just getting to know them better and building a better relationship (page 16). This, of course, may include an incentive or group trip to a Missouri resort.

Even though we had plenty of food at the 6th annual Missouri Meetings & Events St. Louis Regional Expo at Windows on Washington, there are times planners miscalculate the amount of food consumption and the food seems to disappear all too quickly. Feeding the Masses: Expert Formulas to Help You Plan, by Nina Rao (page 20), will help you keep the guests happily fed without the wasteful surplus. If you need help managing a budget, then carefully read Mary Bufe’s article, which will help keep you out of the trouble that befalls many in the event planning industry (page 10).

Enchanted events don’t just happen at the North Pole, they happen at the Radisson Hotel Branson. Our cover story by Dawn Erickson on page 24 answers the age-old question of where Santa spends his free time once and for all. It also illustrates how dedicated staff and a history of quality service can make all your wishes come true as a planner.

As we unloaded the last case from the van I could predict repeating this process in the fall as we return to Kansas City for the 5th annual Missouri Meetings & Events 2007 Kansas City Regional Expo. Be sure to visit www.MissouriMeetingsAndEvents.com often to get all of the up-to-date magical details!


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