2020 Event Trends Report Reveals Insights for the Year Ahead


Eventbrite, an online platform for listing and marketing events, recently released its 2020 Event Trends Report that conveys industry shifts and trends that are projected to impact events this year.  To conclude the report’s results, Eventbrite surveyed 6,843 event planners worldwide, with 2,383 event planners from the United States and Canada.

The most popular trend among these event planners is their desire to coordinate eco-friendly events.  In 2019, 6% of respondents prioritized the sustainability of their events, and in 2020, that number increased to 59%.  Of the respondents who are taking action to plan environmentally conscious events, 87% are using e-tickets and plan on reducing paper waste, 50% are using reusable and biodegradable objects, 46% are offering vegan/vegetarian options, 38% are encouraging public transport and carpooling, and 19% are only working with venues that recycle.

Another trend is the increase in diversity.  48% of event planners are focusing on diversity within its speakers, talent, and subject matter, 30% are offering diverse dietary options, 32% have a code of conduct that promotes diversity, 20% use inclusive fields on registration forms, and 17% grant scholarships to some event attendees.

As for the top three challenges for planning events in 2020, 66% claim it is reaching new attendees, 38% say it is an insufficient budget, and 35% believe it is ticket sales.  To promote these 2020 events and overcome these challenges, 95% believe it will happen by word of mouth, 90% claim attendance will grow through social media marketing, and 80% think eMarketing will reach more potential attendees.

To view the full report, click here.



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